Internet MarketingHi I’m Tina Kneeshaw, I have two wonderful daughters, Rachael and Samantha, who are both grown up now, and I live in Leeds, in the UK, with my partner Jim.

The Beginning

After leaving school with no qualifications whatsoever, and being told that I’d never amount to much because of this, I ended up working jobs that I didn’t like. I’d never really thought about what I wanted or what I really wanted to do.

Then a few years later I decided that hairdressing would be something I’d enjoy doing so,  to cut a long story short, I got a job in hairdressing, got qualified and then bought my own business.  After a few short years of being in business I still wasn’t satisfied, I loved the business side of things but actually hated all the small talk.

At this time computers were getting fashionable so I decided to go to college and learn how to use them. After passing my City and Guilds and then my ECDL I found that I really enjoyed working with computers. I sold my hairdressing business and decided that I wanted to take the computer and business side of things further.

I went on to do a HND in Business and IT which I found really interesting, and surprisingly, that I was actually quite good and very business minded. Quite a shock to me really!

Not long after this I applied for a job as a business adviser, helping people with their business plans, their forecasting etc. I was ecstatic that I actually got the job! I really enjoyed this work because I found I loved helping people. During this time I started to notice, and question why, some people got certain results and others didn’t.

This led me down another path. I got really interested in the mind and how it works, it fascinated me why some people achieved so much more than others, and not necessarily because they were any better educated because they weren’t. This thirst for mind knowledge led me to study NLP, which I became a Master Practitioner in.

I soon started to read everything I could get my hands on about the mind and the Law of Attraction and the super successful which led me to a greater understanding of the difference between the successful and unsuccessful. What I discovered is that successful people are usually value focused, and  it’s all in the way we think and what our main focus is. Our thoughts  cause everything else to happen, as the equation below shows.

Thoughts + Feelings +Behavior = Results

Over the years I continued investing in mind training programs with Tony Robbins, Brian Tracey, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf and many more. As a result of doing this I readdressed what I really wanted, both personally and professionally.  

After I Discovered My Goals

With my new goals now in my mind and on paper, I realized that I would never achieve what I really wanted by working for somebody else, I needed to be my own boss. In 2008 I started my own business coaching and consultancy company which I loved because I was still helping people to start up and grow their own business.

However, it didn’t take me too long to realize that all I’d really done was create another job, except this time I was my own boss.  I was still exchanging my time for money, only now, if I wanted to take a vacation, take time off, or was ill,  I didn’t get paid!

What a bummer!!! 

My Realization…

I would never achieve my goals unless I did something different!!!

My Goals

I want financial freedom, the freedom to do what I want, when I want, and to live my dream lifestyle, the one I’ve imagined, and, while helping others to do the same.  

I love helping people to set up in business and grow, so I needed to find a way to do this but this time by leveraging my time and making a passive income and reaching more people.  This is the only way I found that I can reach, and help, more people while still achieve the level of success and the lifestyle I want.  This is why I started Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Lessons Learned

Over the last decade I’ve bought training  programs with top Internet Marketers  Dan Kennedy, Dan Kuschell, Christian Mickelsen, to name a few.  I’ve learned the secrets of their success and growth from them sharing various tools and methods that helped them to become a success online.

However, instead of implementing what they taught me, I went on to buy just about every product out there, I tried so many different methods, models etc, in search of the right fit for me, I spent well over $40,000 on my quest and I ended up in debt and almost gave up!

I’ve seen so many people in this industry get caught up with this same trap. I’ve come to believe that as human beings we are always looking for the fastest, quickest, easiest way to success. That is why most of us in this industry have at some time or other suffered this shiny object syndrome.  It is an expensive lesson to learn!

I’d get so overwhelmed with all the products and training courses out there I didn’t know where to start. I signed up to so many mailing lists that my inbox was flooded daily with emails offering new systems, models, tactics, strategies etc, and I just ended up chasing shiny object after shiny object and not really getting anywhere with my online business. I was flitting from one thing to another and felt like I was moving one step forward and ten steps back. Why couldn’t I do this? l became so frustrated!

Maybe you can relate to this?

This was why I decided that the easiest way to start was probably to become an affiliate, selling other peoples products and getting commissions, instead of trying to come up with an idea and create my own…

I came across an Internet Millionaire who had the perfect proven system and business model for me to promote.  Internet Profits, it has all the step by step training and shows you everything you need to do to promote offers, I also promoted a few other affiliate offers as well but this system pays commissions on high ticket sales. This is relatively new to this industry and very few offer this.

Although I’ve made money promoting these affiliate offers, I still don’t feel that “I’m” specifically helping people, and I’m certainly not in control of it.  If the owner of these offers decides to remove them, it kinda screws up my system.  I want to have control over the core part of my online business.

Here starts another story…

This realization led me back to wanting to create my own products again which is why I’ve been attracted to Partnership to Success. A program that has literally helped thousands of people build their own online products, they offer amazing support, step by step training, if you need it, and so much more… The value offered in this program blew my mind, however, I found that there was so much to learn and it seemed like such a lengthy process.  My mindset still wasn’t in the right place and I wan’t really serving the people I wanted to serve.

My ultimate aim was, and still is, to help coaches and trainers who are stuck to create a success mindset, reach more clients, make more profits and ultimately gain more time by embracing Digital Marketing. My aim is to take away the overwhelm, confusion and frustration that I felt when trying to figure it all out, where I just ended up flitting from one shiny object to another, not really achieving the results I wanted.  I don’t want this to happen to you so I want to reduce your learning curve and make it as simple as possible for you!

I want to share my journey with you, my successes, failures, results etc, tips, proven strategies, tools and resources, in the hope that it will shorten your learning curve and help you achieve your success much faster.

Through this blog, my emails and my social networks I aim to provide tips, tools, strategies, resources and recommendations, either of my own or something I use, or have used, that has helped me to get my results. I want to help you to create the lifestyle you truly want to live  and the freedom you desire and deserve through using the Internet.

Please post any ideas, challenges, experiences, struggles, frustrations etc below.  I look forward to interacting with you.


To Your Success!!!

Tina  xxx