Digital/Online Marketing is a way to make passive income online 24/7. However, it is not a get rich quick thing that many seem to think.

Why is it so good?

Because in this business there are no bosses to order you around, you are your own boss in charge of your own destiny and, it ultimately allows you to generate a passive income. There are no deadlines to meet, except your own, and all you need to work with are the right tools, skills and attitude required to succeed in this business which can give you the lifestyle that you desire. If you put in the work upfront.

I wasted years letting fear, frustration and overwhelm stop me in my tracks from achieving the success I wanted until I finally made a great decision and invested a couple of mentors.  It was the only thing I hadn’t tried and it was only then that I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


If you’re someone who likes to be in control of your own destiny?

You want the freedom to go where you want, when you want?

You’ve got a strong desire for financial freedom?

This is really the best business to be in.

If you don’t have all the skills you need just yet, you’ll be pleased to know, they’re all learn-able!

Here are the 6 qualities needed to be able to succeed in online marketing?

#1. Willingness to Learn and be Trained

Starting out in something you don’t know much about yet can be scary, especially if you’re not properly equipped. Learning the tricks of the trade is an important part of any business, and your willingness to learn it as you go along will give you a far better advantage than you could ever imagine, and save you a ton of time. Which leads me onto #2…


#2. Willingness to invest Time, Effort and Money

Piggy bankInvesting lots of time and effort in growing and learning about your business is one of the best investments you’ll make. The results may not come as quick as you’d like at first, but perseverance and putting in the time and effort required will ensure that results will start to happen eventually.  The key thing here is you’ve got to give it enough time, be persistent and consistent.

This is why a lot of newbie’s to the industry end up quitting, it doesn’t happen quick enough for them. The secret lies in keeping at it, you do eventually start to see  results happen.


#3. Determination

You need to take the time to learn what you need in order to be a success and, invest in yourself, WE are our BEST  ASSET! I’ve found it to be a lonely business sat at home with my computer and that’s why it’s essential to join a community of like-minded people and/or get a mentor; this is what made a massive difference for me, my turning point. To master this industry you’ve really got to push yourself and never giving up is a quality each and every online marketer should possess. Motivate yourself to achieve more and get out of your comfort zone as this is what’ll get you there.  If you stay within your comfort zone you will only ever achieve what you already have, you must get out of your comfort zone even if it’s only a little bit at a time. Do something each day that pushes you.


#4. Discipline

I’ve found that if I put all my energy and focus into my work each day, I’m amazed at what I end up achieving. It’s the initial part of learning and setting things up that requires your time and attention, after that, as long as you’ve set up automated systems, you get more time to do the other things you love doing. 


#5 Optimism

Remaining optimistic is essential! Don’t listen to negative people and naysayers, do not let anyone or anything discourage you, and there will be plenty of them believe me! Remain focused on creating a better life for you and your loved ones and keep pursuing what you set out to do.

Don’t let anyone influence your attitude toward your business, remain optimistic and goal orientated as much as possible. If things don’t go to plan, which they won’t a lot of the time, it’s a lesson learned and a step closer to success. Learn from other successful people who have done what you are trying to do and don’t listen to people who haven’t. Keep yourself energized, persevere, build on and keep the momentum going!

Online Marketing, as in any other business, is about  taking your destiny in your hands. Having the right attitude is key to achieving your goals.


#6 Action Taker

I’ve discovered that all successful online marketers take massive action on their plans and don’t waste time procrastinating.

For me it was fear of failure that led me to procrastinate.

I’ve learnt never to fear failure because it is only there for us to learn a lesson from. Learn the lesson, try doing it slightly different and if it doesn’t work again, keep trying something else! As Tony Robbins says, “2mm can be the only difference between success and failure.”

If you want to learn from a great program and see what it is that’s helping me at the moment in getting my own product out there, after just doing affiliate marketing then check out this Product Creation Webinar.

Most importantly, Take Massive Action!

I hope you found this post useful?

Please leave a comment and share any experiences below.


To Your Success!!!

Tina xxx

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Charles R Swindoll

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    • Mark Davies

      Good post Tina . You are definitely taking action !Thanks for sharing . .
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    • Dr. Mark Zupo

      Very insightful post Tina. Informative and useful. Great Job!

      • Tina Kneeshaw

        Thank you Mark, very nice of you to say and thank you for leaving a comment.

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