Desire/AvoidAffiliate Marketing gives newbie Internet Marketers a chance to make a profit through the Internet without having to build and create any of your own products.

I have found Affiliate marketing to be one of the most useful and easiest ways to earn money online when first starting out. Affiliate Marketing programs are easy to join and implement and they can pay anywhere up to 90% commissions on a regular basis.

However, as I’ve found out to my detriment over the past 6 years, there are certain things you should NOT do if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing. Making some of these most common mistakes has cost me over the years and meant that any commissions I actually did manage to generate were quickly eaten up.

I want to make you aware of what these mistakes are so that you can avoid making them and generate commissions much quicker than I did. 

Affiliate Marketing Mistake # 1: Selecting the wrong affiliate program to promote.

When I first start out Affiliate Marketing I just wanted to earn commissions as soon as possible. I rushed into selecting a product that I  saw was promoting well instead of selecting one that I actually used myself.  One that had really helped me by making something easier or teaching me something new and usable or solving a specific problem for  me.  So I’d pick it based on the demand that you see from the data given, rather than whether it was actually useful to me.

Maybe you can relate to this?in at the deep end

It all seems so easy, just select any program and promote! NO

Instead of jumping in feet first you should select a product that you are really interested in using. It should either make something easier for you, solve a specific problem.

Only promote something you’ve used and that’s helped you either get better results or taught you some great stuff.   One you can honestly vouch for…

Promoting a product you’re passionate about and that has actually helped you, is much easier than promoting any old thing.

You see when marketing your affiliate offer either your passion and enthusiasm will come across, or, if you’re just trying to make money from it, that will come across also.


Affiliate Marketing Mistake # 2: Joining lots of affiliate programs.

You might think that there’s nothing wrong in promoting lots of different affiliate programs, after all most affiliate programs are really easy to join.

Why shouldn’t you join lots of affiliate programmes and maximize your earning potential?

Shouldn’t you have multiple streams of income? That’s what most online marketers say.

The wrong wayWhile these above questions are true, and promoting lots of affiliate programs is a great way to have multiple sources of income, joining too many programs and trying to promote them all at the same time means that you don’t focus on any particular one of them.

This means that the potential of commissions you could generate will not be as much as you expected because you don’t put enough effort into any one of them.

The best way to get the results you want is by joining just one affiliate program of a product or service that you’ve used and that’s really helped you and that also offers BIG commissions, certainly no less than 50%. If it also pays out on recurring income as well, it’s a no brainer! Recurring income is what is paid to you on a monthly basis.

By focusing on one affiliate solution at a time your messages will be more targeted won’t come across as confusing in your marketing message, and, you will actually attract more targeted traffic.

The real secret is to build your own email list and master different methods of driving traffic, employing one or two methods at a time only, and then monitoring your results until they are consistent. When you start getting consistent results, copy and paste the strategy and plan that worked for you with this promotion, use it either for another affiliate offer or maybe you’ll want to create your own program at this stage.

Use your email list by giving value and promoting the offers in your autoresponder sequence.

DO NOT RUSH, making slow progress is far better than making none at all or very little.

 Affiliate Marketing Mistake # 3: Not using the product or service yourself.

Affiliate marketing should be about helping others achieve what you’ve achieved using the same method or system you’re promoting. As I’ve mentioned above, if you do this you’ll come across as authentic.Authentic

You should be able to thoroughly explain the offer to your potential customers. It should have helped you in some way and this is how you will create that desire in your potential customers. You know the solution you were looking for when you bought the program and you now know what problem it has solved for you. After all it is the solution you’re promoting, so be authentic.

Use the product or service yourself first before signing up as an affiliate and see if it gives you the benefits it promised. By doing this you can give an honest description of its advantages and disadvantages, the problem it takes away and the solution it gives. When you’re honest and sincere your potential customers will feel this, and if they are looking for that solution, then this is when they are most likely to try it out for themselves.

Many new affiliate marketers make these mistakes, as I did, and are desperately trying to just make money. Try not to fall into this trap and avoid making the same mistakes. Always aim for giving true value.

Take the time to plan and analyse your marketing strategy and check if you’re on the right track. If done properly, you will be able to maximize your affiliate marketing potential and generate higher commissions.


Select an affiliate program that promises to solve a problem you already have and need the solution to.


The main problem I had, even after spending a fortune on different products that didn’t really deliver what I was looking for, was not knowing where to start or what to offer and getting overwhelmed with everything there was to do.

That is why I got involved with my first mentor Dean, and invested in his system, iPro. It promised me a solution which would end my overwhelm, among other things, which it has delivered for me.  iPro gave me a done for you sales funnel to promote and they even take care of all the sales conversions and  support.  By done for you sales funnel I mean it gave me everything I needed in one place, the front end offers right up to all the backend offers and a recurring income to boot. There are very few affiliate programs that offer backend commissions, (high ticket),  and this was a real game changer for me!

Not only that but it gave me all the training and support I needed to make it a success and I even get 80% commissions right up to the backend, and, commissions on the backend as well.  This is the only system I have found that has allowed me to make consistent commissions and provide me with all the support and training I needed. I’m very grateful for it and so glad that I invested in it. It does cost to be a part of it but the cost is for all the training, coaching and mentoring that is inside the system. There are very few places you can get mentoring, coaching, quality training, and support at the price it costs.

Partner with a Millionaire

There are so many pitfalls these days to affiliate marketing, it has changed drastically over the years that I’ve been learning it.

  1. Start getting consistent results first with one affiliate program/offer before attempting to promote any other and when you do promote any other affiliate offers do so in your autoresponder sequence if you think it will help your subscribers.
  2. Use the program yourself and when you get the results you want from it you can then relay the benefits of the program in your promotions. You will then come across as authentic and believable.

Never promote something you have not first used as it is your reputation that is on the line when endorsing other peoples programs.

What stage are you at in your online business and what struggles are you experiencing?  Let me know in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you and help you in any way if I can.

To Your Success!!!

Tina xxx

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Charles R Swindoll

    4 replies to "3 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid"

    • Fawzi Mohamed

      Great post Tina , when I first started online I was having trouble getting people to join me in any business opportunity I promote it was very frustrating seeing other people building army of referrals and making a lot of money , but now that will change because I know what to do now to be successful online

      • Tina Kneeshaw

        Thank you for your comment Fawzi. It certainly can be a minefield out there if we don’t keep very focused. It’s so easy to get distracted when working online and therefore quite difficult to build a successful business. The main thing is we keep persistent and stay focused.

        I see you are part of the P2S team also and wish you all the best. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Kaz

      Hi Tina,

      Great post, yes… been there, got the teeshirt, and learned the hard way eventually!!

      • Tina Kneeshaw

        Ha, don’t we all Kaz, but the best way to learn! At least we learn a lesson from the mistakes.

        Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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